G Y M - E - D I A R Y


Can my clients get automatic notification about membership/package expiry reminders

Yes! You just need to specify in the software, how many days before you need to send the reminder.

What if I have doubts while using the software

You can call our support team for immediate assistance in this regard. We will connect you ONLINE with REMOTE Software to resolve your issue in no time.

Can I attach Biometric device to this software

Yes ! If your Biometric company provides web API.

How can I get software demo

It’s pretty simple, just call or mail our support team and we will be ready to show you the demo online at your convenient time. Contact number:    97157 44448, 97808 24448 E-mail id:       info@regalmojo.com

What is gym management software

Gym software is a custom made POS system for the gym owners to manage their day to day gym functioning. It has very useful features like comparative reporting, and tools to analyse which marketing strategy or which trainer/ manager is