G Y M - E - D I A R Y


Innovative Ideas to promote your Fitness Club

Owning a gym or fitness studio could be a rewarding business venture, especially when you’re kitted out with the proper tools to manage everything efficiently. When it involves organizing things like booking, payments, and sophistication schedules, employing a package will leave you feeling as relaxed as your clients post-yoga.

There are many ways in which you’ll be able to market your gym, especially within the digitally connected world we board now. When it involves marketing for your fitness center, there are lots of fun and interesting campaigns you may run.

One of them is hosting a competition/event in your gym. It will go a long way in boosting member engagement and satisfaction. We have listed some challenges you may run in your club and the way to trace results. This first variety of gym competition type is what we are going to refer to as an event competition. All the participating members are challenged to compete against each other on the day of the event. Usually, there is a prize to be won at end of the competition. There is a variety of events that can be included in the competition like weight lifting, club marathons, pull-ups, bench press, etc. These are short challenges but a lot of fun to perform. Active participation by staff is a must to ensure the challenge is completed safely and all the guidelines are followed properly, while also judging the participants to spot the winner.

Unsurprisingly, this is often how plenty of club members identify themselves—they love the competitive fringe of good competition.

Below you will find some ways to implement challenges in your gym and also the sorts of challenges you’ll be able to run.

Implementing Challenges in Your Gym

  1. Appreciate hard work by announcing a member of the month or week

Showcasing a client’s efforts by rewarding your chosen member also inspires others to remain motivated! Taking it one step ahead, you may take a photograph of the special member during or after a workout and highlight their achievements by sharing it on your digital channels.

2. Have some T-shirts designed that have a special saying or a cool acronym on them. Keep them as a prize and set benchmarks for members to earn them.

3. Offer focused weeks

Apart from the weekly schedule that involves core exercises, take it to the next level by dedicating a full week to a particular focus. Dedicate five minutes to the special of the week. It can be anything like core exercises, improving flexibility, meditation, etc at the top of every class.

4. Offer masterclasses/workshops

Every member joins a gym with individual goals, but over time you may observe that a few of them seem to be hungry for more challenges. Study their interests and offer them an opportunity to try to do so with an intensive lesson. This also allows the instructors a chance to interact with members in a focused group.

5. Host encampment weeks

Sometimes we all need is a break from the routine. Offer cantonment weeks and increase the intensity at the facility to provide a change of pace to assist clients to stay motivated.

6. Celebrate your clients’ anniversaries/Birthday

Apart from just their Birthdays and marriage Anniversaries, celebrate the anniversary of their first visit to your business. Offer rewards as goodies or discounts on some services to celebrate another year along with your gym!

Fitness marketing is much more than just putting up pictures of super fit people with abs. It’s about communicating the correct message to the correct person using the correct method. Get that trio correct and you’ll get more members than you have got room for.

Remember don’t attempt to sell, rather provide value, help your members and non-members reach their goals and you’ll see a special response.