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No matter the size, we are the right fit for you.

Why Gym-e-Diary is just right for a gym like yours?

Thoughtfully designed
Thoughtfully designed

A competent gym management software that fits innovation and newest fitness trends and advances into actionable tools. Gym-e-diary combines technology and creativity to provide a smooth interface.


Drive customer satisfaction with quick client and administrational processing for the utmost client convenience and experience. Remotely manage your gym. Android or iPhone-carry your gym wherever you go.

Complete Solution
Complete Solution

Designed to fit clubs of all sizes, this gym software is feature packed. With billing integration, full booking system, point of sale and staff management, Gym-e-Diary has all you need to run your gym more efficiently.

Reliable, Stable and Secure

Keeping Your Data Secure Is Our Prime Priority

Your data is your property and it should stay like that only. Gym-e-Diary doesn’t snoop on your data in no situation whatsoever; nor do we analyse it for our vested interests. So be rest assured that your business is none of our business.

At the same time, we ensure that users can access data as and when required for them to work effectively. All of your information is available to you at your convenience.

Gym-e diary installs all the top notch security procedures and encryption standards for complete data protection. With Gym-e-Diary you can have peace of mind that your data is secure.

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